About The Company

We specialize in Colorado Springs, CO residential trash collection and recycling collection service. This ensures we can focus all our attention on one type of service for maximum quality.

We are committed to the community and regularly donate to special causes that are specific to our community...because we live here too.

One of our top priorities is to provide a density service to our customers. This allows beautification to your neighborhood because there is only one trash company through your entire neighborhood, one day a week.

All of our employees are hired for customer service excellence, and continue to train to provide a high standard of service.  Our employees use door hangers to communicate with homeowners.

Hopefully these issues are as important to you, the customer, as they are to us. As we are all consumers, we know that quality service is of great importance.  Here at Rocky Mtn. Disposal, we strive to offer that great, quality service with very affordable prices.

Call us today at (719) 492-2050 to discuss how we can improve the quality of your Colorado Springs residential trash removal experience here in beautiful, Colorado Springs, CO.