Junk Removal

If you need junk hauled off from your Colorado Springs home or yard, call Rocky Mtn. Disposal today.

Professional Junk Removal in Colorado Springs

Rocky Mtn. Disposal knows that homeowners in the communities we serve do most of the heavy lifting when it comes to taking care of their houses and yards. We’re thankful to be your local partners in removing waste from your spring cleaning, yard cleanups, and weekly household waste so that Colorado Springs stays a clean and healthy place to live.

Sometimes, though, you deserve the extra help with moving large amounts of stuff you just don’t need anymore. Our junk removal team is ready to help residential customers around the city with the big jobs that require several pairs of strong hands. Contact Rocky Mtn. Disposal today to learn more about our services, pricing, and safety training!

Affordable Junk Removal

The Rocky Mtn. Disposal junk removal team is trained to safely move objects of all sizes through your home and out of garages, basements, attics, and more. We often help people who have inherited a full house from a loved one that they wish to clean out and sell, rental property owners who need junk removal after a former tenant left behind belongings, homeowners of condemned properties, or residents who simply want to get rid of stuff that’s been piling up for years.

Where Does Your Junk Go

We respect our environment and strive to sort and handle waste sustainably whenever possible. Contact our team to learn more about recycling services and ways we process, recycle, or donate your unwanted things.

Other Waste Removal Services

In general, if you don’t want it anymore, we can help you get rid of it. We split up these waste management solutions to include specific categories such as yard waste removal that isn’t quite the same as bulk trash pickup or junk removal. Why? The first reason is that different waste items are handled differently at recycling plants and landfills according to local and state laws, so our team needs to prepare for the type of waste we pick up in advance.

The second reason is we only want you to throw away your unwanted trash, not your money! If we can charge less for certain items or types of waste, we will. For example, our team will pick up yard waste like dry leaves and pine needles at no extra charge above your regular household waste service. We simply need notice via a phone call that you have extra bags waiting for us.

The Rocky Mtn. Disposal team wants waste removal to be safe, affordable, and accessible to everyone in Colorado Springs because when you can rely on our services, our entire community benefits from a cleaner place to live. After all, we call Colorado Springs home just like you do, and we’re your local partners in protecting our city. Learn more about us or take a look at some of our customer reviews to see how our team of professionals conduct business.