Trash Pickup

Rocky Mtn. Disposal offers weekly scheduled trash pickup in Colorado Springs.

Garbage Pickup in Colorado Springs

Maybe it’s not the most exciting day of your week, but regular trash pickup is a critical neighborhood service, like plowing the streets or keeping the power grid up and running. Rocky Mtn. Disposal is your local partner in residential waste management, with a commitment to customer service that we’re known for around the city.

Like you, we value cleaner streets and neighborhoods we can be proud to call home. That’s why Rocky Mtn. Disposal provides residential solid waste and recycling services to thousands of families and neighborhoods every day.

Contact Rocky Mtn. Disposal today to join our routine pickup!

Making Life Easier and Cleaner

To minimize local disruption and noise, we come through just once per week to attend to all our customers on your street at once. If you need a one-time special pickup for junk or large objects too big for your bin, call our office to let us know and schedule a curbside pickup time.

Existing customers can manage their account or put a service on hold by calling us anytime or using our convenient online bill pay solution to handle invoices from anywhere.

Three Levels of Waste Management

To help you manage your waste and your budget, we offer three levels of routine residential trash pickup to meet your needs. At Rocky Mtn. Disposal, we want you to throw away your trash, not your money!


Garbage Services in Colorado Springs

Level one: Carry-out service

If you need extra assistance getting trash to the curb, consider our carry-out service. Leave the trash at your door, and we’ll come right to you to pick it up at home and return the bin where we found it.

Level two: Standard curbside pickup

Were you the kid in your family responsible for taking out the trash? Then you know to wheel the garbage bins to the curb each week, and our drivers will empty them and return the bins near your garage for easy storing.

Level three: Discount service

Leave your trash bins at the curb for pickup, and we’ll put the empty bins right back at the curb. Saving us time means saving you money each month with our discount service package.

To recycle, participate in the Single Stream recycling program and place your recycling tote out with your garbage. No need to sort the type of recyclable items, as our equipment will do the job for you.

Getting Started with Rocky Mtn. Disposal

Rocky Mtn. Disposal provides reputable waste management services to families and neighborhoods in Colorado Springs every day. Our customer reviews exemplify our professionalism and affordable services. To get started with our trash pickup and waste management services, call (719) 492-2050, fill out our contact form, or request a quote online. You can also checkout our trash pickup schedule.