Yard Waste

From tree trimmings to weeds, we collect it all! 

Yard Waste Collection in Colorado Springs

We know homeownership is a full-time job, and you probably spend nearly as much time on cleaning and property maintenance as you do enjoying your home. Sometimes, just keeping the indoors tidy is enough of a chore to keep you busy year-round. Rocky Mtn. Disposal is here to help make the care of your outdoor spaces a bit more convenient, so you can spend more time in your backyard and grilling on the patio this summer and less time hauling leaves and pine needles away. Contact us to pick up yard waste seasonally.

Yard Waste our Team Can Pick Up

We know you do the hard part in maintaining your front and back yards. Let Rocky Mtn. Disposal finish the job by safely removing leaves, branches, pine needles, landscaping leftovers, and more. Just rake, shovel, or scoop your grass clippings, tree trimmings, and leaves into your proper container and wheel it to the curb. On pickup day, we’ll swing by and make it disappear.

Keeping your yard clear and free of junk or dry leaves and branches is about more than curb appeal. Sure, your neighbors will thank you for making the block beautiful, but any resident of Colorado Springs understands the very real threat of wildfires or suburban fires gone out of control. Even if a fire starts far away, we’ve witnessed firsthand how quickly the flames can spread when there is enough flammable debris lying about. Please protect your home, your family, and your community by trimming low branches and keeping dry organic material out of your yard—Rocky Mtn. Disposal will help!

All yard waste must be bagged please.

Additional Waste Management Solutions

If you’re in the midst of a spring cleaning indoors and out, our bulk trash pickup service may be the better option for pickups greater than two standard trash bags. Or ask our team about junk removal services to help you get rid of heavy, old, worn, or broken items in your basement, garage, or yard. We can move old supplies, furniture, barbecues, and other junk that’s just taking up space you could be using to entertain.

Planning for a Yard Waste Pickup at No Additional Charge

Scheduling a pickup is easy. Rocky Mtn. Disposal will pick up two extra bags of yard waste at no extra charge to you! To ensure we have the room for your extra bags on our weekly route, please call (719) 492-2050 to schedule an additional pickup and ensure all your waste is removed.

Remember, you can also manage your account or change payment plans and methods online using our online bill pay service. For a special service that does require an additional fee, you can request a quote online any time or contact us today us to join our routine pickup schedule through your neighborhood. Rocky Mtn. Disposal is your local partner in keeping Colorado Springs safe and beautiful!